25 May 2013

Hale Maree Review

Hale Maree

tbh it's my first time to read a book with a story like this. usually I just watched in a telly and I'm a fan. it fantasized me. lol . 

[!!!] HOLY MOTHER GOAT! I found this book! & NOW I'M HOOKED!!!!! 

Oscar Maree & Hale Simmons!!! 

Its been 7 days ( sorry for late review though) IM STILL HAVE HANGOVER OVER THIS BOOK! GAAHHH!

When I read the synopsis. The book really caught my eye. So I read it right away. Well the effect its still on me.

Hale, well an 18 year girl, who like any other girl, likes to go to college and have a life but her alcoholic father, Jerry make an agreement with his old mate, Otto Maree which is the father of Oscar Maree a wealthy, good-looking guy, play-boy.(hmmmmm)that the two of them should be marry because of what happened that night. Otto Maree promised to provide the financial need of Hale's father but in one condition, his daughter needs to marry his son, Oscar. Otto Maree did to keep his secret.

Oscar has no problem with the agreement because He wants his father's secret to be safe. but Hale... SHE DOESNT LIKE IT! Until Oscar tell the truth to her........

Hale began to like Oscar ( who doesnt want wealthy, goodlucking minus playboy guy). She agreed to the arrange married & fell inlove with Oscar.

Well, Oscar is gentleman guy... he really wants to take Hale's virginity after the marriage but... Hale's insist. (take note* that scene is steamy hot /tsk tsk! *blushed*)

Wedding Scene (hoot i love this scene)
"Then let me" I say. " Because I love you, Oscar. I want to marry you, and be your wife, and argue about children. I want everything about you. I do."

THIS BOOK IS AMAZING!!! *throw flowers*

xx, Bookish Panda