25 May 2013


Sempre (Forever, #1)

At first I dont feel this book, but when im reading the middle of the story where Carmine & Haven met. Sigh! I think im such hopeless romantic. but I really fell inlove with them. and i became interested to what happened to Haven, to know about her, I REALLY NEED TO READ IT!! AND *BOOOOOOOM* I never thought i will like a story like this, with a mafia thing.


Carmine is really a bad boy *Gooood goat!!!* at first. I think its really hot . Swear! there is a scene i like when Carmine is smoking and He let Haven to try it. where he blow the smoke in front of Haven's lips GAAAAAAAAAAAH!! I know its bad thing. but i really find it hot. UGHHHH! just saying. lol

I like Haven, she is so simple. She cares for her mom, everything around her. she always please everyone. but Carmine wants her to have a life, He wants her to experience all the great things in life. because 18 years of being locked is no joke. ( I dont really think i cant handle that.) It really gives me courage reading Haven's story.

And all the italian words/sentences. I imagine Carmine's saying it with um, sexy voice! GAHHHH!!!! " tesoro" is such a wonderful word to me.<333

Well i cant wait for the second book. I need more of Haven & Carmine, the author says (and I quote)
"Yes! It's actually already with the publisher, scheduled for release in December." - J.M. Darhower

i cant wait that long. but Im waiting patiently!!!!!

here are some of my favorite line from the book. (with red cheek)

"you're mt fate. you were brought to me for a reason, for us to save each other. Because you weren't the only one needing saved, Haven. I was drowning,and you rescued me." - Carmine DeMarco

" Ti amo, mia bella ragazza. Per sempre."

" Happiness is nothing but good health and a poor memory"

" I try not to hope for anything" she said " if you expect nothing, you arent dissapointed when you get nothing."

" in life: nothing ventured, nothing gained"

So yeah! I know my review is not good enough. but Im telling you guys READ THIS NOVEL! Okay okay. this is really one of the good novel I read. Very unique story!

Thanks to J.M. Darhower for writing this novel! Gread job!!!

xx, Bookish Panda